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Let us face it, every one of us (almost every one) is locking for some way to make some extra money or to enjoy their life or BOTH.

A To Z Gardens.com probably will have the answer to that. If you are a person who love plants, enjoy growing them and have a a backyard land where you can put small or large greenhouse, then you have the chance to benefit from this site.

A To Z Gardens.com have a free you may call it a blue print for this fun project, which could be perfect for a house wife who has a lot of time on her hand a looking for something fun to do without having to give the cometment for a full or part time job, it could also be perfect for a retierd person or simply you want to have some extra income.


Assuming that this is the right hobby for you, you have the back yard space and you love the plants, then here is what you need.

-choosing the greenhouse, type, size ventilation, cover and more…

-ordering the supplies, that will include growing trays, pots, hanging baskets, soil, fertilizer….

- watering system , hoses shower heads, drip lines…

-The plants, what type of plants, Annuals or Perennials, what cold zone you are in so you can decide on what will be considered perennial at your are. Also two great items are the vegitabels and Herbs

Herbs Samples
Perennials List...