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Buying a Greenhouse:

Here are some types of greenhouses:

Before you decide on the size and shape of the green house, it is a good idea to visit your local garden center, check the types and sizes of their green houses and may be take some pictures for them so you can build a close to real idea about the size, height of the greenhouse, will you be able to build benches inside or you only are going to cover the ground, (having bench is makes life a lot easier specially when it comes to dealing with bugs), also how you will hang your hanging pots.

Frame only- Features- Economical High-strength construction Modular design for add-ons. Simplicity of design for easy installation. Prefabricated American made parts. Heavy duty bows and posts Bow spacing of 4' eliminates pocketing. Bows:1.315" O.D. x 17 Ga. one piece bows. Single ridge purling.
Frame only Greehouse



inflation buster greenhouse This Gothic design Inflation Buster greenhouse is in keeping with new gothic styles without loosing the high quality you have come to expect from the XS Smith name. Engineering that incorporates appropriately sized rafter bows that allow more light to reach plants thus providing a better growing environment. This house is the choice if you are producing seasonal plants or overwintering perennial or nursery material. The result is a freestanding greenhouse that can withstand the elements. A time tested greenhouse you can rely on. 1.66" O.D. 2 piece bows- 4' o.c., 4 runs of 1.315" purlins. Poly width of 48' required.
  Greenhouse 29 ft x 98 ft
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